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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Jon Rahm on Hitting Driver Off the Deck (Video)

How about a short lesson from Tour Championship co-leader Jon Rahm? Here's Rahmbo's keys for hitting driver off the deck, just posted a couple of days ago.

Jon's primary key is to pretend your driver is a 3-wood, but it's the two observations he adds that I find very useful:

  • Since the sweet spot on a driver is higher on the face than it is on a 3-wood, the ball is going to come out lower.
  • And because the driver has less loft than a 3-wood, the ball will tend to come off the face with a bit of a fade.

These two observations should tell you that, if you plan to hit your driver off the ground without a tee, you should play for a low fade. If you try to hit a draw, you may find yourself in trouble!

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