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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Mike Malaska on Shallowing Your Downswing Plane (Video)

Let me say upfront that I have no decisive opinion about this topic. Some players use a two-plane swing and shallow their downswing plane, while others use a single-plane swing and don't shallow out at all. Whether you shallow your downswing plane or not depends on which swing you use, and I believe you should use the swing that suits you best.

Having said that, some ways of shallowing your downswing plane are easier than others. Malaska does a good job of explaining the two common ways that this move is taught and the effect each has on the consistency of your swing.

One useful thing about this video is that Malaska does point out certain things that specific players do when they swing (Sergio and DJ are two that I remember). If you are trying to pattern your swing after them, this is good information to have.

Hopefully this will help those of you struggling with this aspect of your swing.

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