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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Another Impact Drill for Your Irons (Video)

This is an older video from the Me and My Golf guys, but it's a simple to understand (and use) drill to improve your impact with your irons.

Using a line to help 'aim' your impact position is nothing new, of course. What is interesting here is how the guys describe the drill.

They don't want you to 'hit down' on the ball. They just want you to move the point where you hit the ground!

In a real sense they're telling you to flatten your swing through the impact zone rather than steepening your attack angle (which is what can happen if you try to hit down on the ball). Please note that if you do this drill, you may have to move your ball position forward somewhat. How much forward depends on how steeply you're swinging now.

Let me also refer you to a recent post I did on how your dominant hand squares the clubface. That drill and this drill can work together. In fact, you may find it easier to do the drill in this post if you start with that other drill.

One last thought: The drill in today's post can help you get more distance since it will improve your launch angle. That's worth thinking about!

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