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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Chris Ryan on Using the Bounce (Video)

This short video from Chris Ryan does a good job of explaining the hows and whys of using the bounce of your wedge VS using the front edge. I will add an extra thought after the video.

What I want to add is something that is logical based on what Chris says, but that doesn't mean you'll automatically realize it.

If you use the front edge of the wedge and angle the shaft a bit forward at address, he says you'll be making a more vertical downstrike. Here's what he doesn't say: That means you're standing a bit closer to the ball.

By the same token, if you use the bounce and stand the shaft up vertically as viewed by the camera in this video, you're also lowering your hands so they are a bit lower than your normal address.The club shaft makes a flatter angle to the ground if you look down-the-line at the target. And that means that you're standing a bit farther from the ball.

If you stand a bit farther from the ball, you'll also tend to open the clubface slightly so the bottom of the club still lies pretty flat against the ground.

Remember those things and you'll find it easier to get set up correctly.

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