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Friday, October 16, 2020

Ged Walters on the 6-Foot Putt (Video)

This short video from Golf Monthly's Ged Walters has some good advice on making more 6-footers.

Let me say upfront that nobody can tell you exactly how you should make putts. Everybody is different and will approach some aspects of putting differently.

For example, I'm a righthander but I don't grip more tightly with my left hand because that doesn't help my feel, it hurts it. And I don't draw a line on my ball because it causes me to try and make a stroke that's too perfect, and that affects me badly.

However, Ged mentions one thing that's probably self-evident to many of you but I'm going to make a point of it in case it isn't: The harder you hit the ball, the less it breaks; and the softer you hit the ball, the more it breaks.

If you aren't taking that into account when you putt, no amount of greenreading skill is going to help you.

Likewise, Ged gives you a good drill in this video. If you stick a tee into the back of the cup and try to nail that tee with the ball, you're going to get much better at judging the correct speed for holing a putt.

I suspect many of you will find other tips in this video that are useful to you. But these two things stood out to me because I think they can help pretty much anybody improve their putting.

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