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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Finish Position Drill (Video)

LPGA instructor Aimee Cho has a simple drill to help you learn a good finish position.

While this seems simple, let me explain why it might help you.

See how her finish position looks exactly like her impact position, only it's a bit farther into the followthrough? When these two positions don't match, you can lose control of the direction the ball flies even if you were aimed properly at impact.

  • If you bend your wrists more after impact, you'll hook the ball unpredictably.
  • If you let your lead arm separate from your chest as you swing through impact, you'll tend to open the face and slice uncontrollably.

Practicing this drill might be just what you need to eliminate some of your unpredictable shots. And best of all, since you don't hit the ball, you can do it in your backyard without breaking windows.

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