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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Check Out This Putter's Aim Lines (Video)

Another Rick Shiels equipment test video -- this time, a L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 T putter. He says Adam Scott has used it. I know he has used it in the past and he may include it in his putting practice, but I believe he currently carries a Scottie Cameron Xperimental Rev X11.

What fascinates me about this putter is the alignment system, with a line on the grip that aligns with one along the top of the face when you're holding it 'straight'. This is something that could improve the aim on any putter, so I'm wondering if we might see other manufacturers offer some version of it.

Just for the record, remember that a toe-weighted putter works better for some players than a face-balanced putter -- and it isn't necessarily a matter of whether you swing on an arc or a straight line. So even if L.A.B. has found a way to make a putter that isn't weighted to any specific orientation, that doesn't mean it will automatically work well for everybody.

Don't feel left out if you can't see your way clear to pay several hundred dollars for any putter.

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