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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Equipment Hacks for Winter (Video)

Golf Monthly posted this video just a week or so back, showing some ways to make your equipment better suited to wet soft winter conditions. There are seven 'points' but there is more than a single suggestion with many of them.

I would add is that you can sometimes use these tips in more ways than the video mentions. For example, the first tip about adding loft to your driver to get more carry over soft ground doesn't necessarily mean you need an adjustable driver. A standard 3-wood's shaft is only 1" shorter than a standard driver's, so the added loft of the 3-wood might easily give you more distance.

My own tests have found that to be true under many conditions so you might want to try that if you have a low ball flight.

And many of the hacks just eliminate some of the frustration that comes from playing in winter weather, like switching from leather to synthetic gloves.

This video will teach you some new ways to think about your equipment. If you find only one useful tip in this video, the improvement to your winter golf just may be worth the time.

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