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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Rick Shiels Tests the Top Flite Gamer (Video)

I, like many people, have used a lot of two-piece golf balls in my time. Back when Greg Norman played Spalding's Tour Editions, I tried them and liked them. Back when Nike made golf balls, they had a two-piece -- I think it was called the Power Distance Soft -- that played pretty well for me.

But I bet a lot of you remember (as I do) the original two-piece Top Flite distance balls. They were, as Rick mentions in this video, hard as rocks but they definitely gave you distance and they were easy on the wallet. That's important when you need several during a round.

In the last couple of days Rick posted this test of the new Top Flite Gamer, a three-piece Top Flite... and he likes them!

I'm posting this for a simple reason: Not all of us need super techno transdimensional golf balls with 17 layers that require a second mortgage in order to purchase them. If you have trouble keeping enough balls in your bag, maybe Rick's tests will give you another option!

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