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Friday, November 6, 2020

The KLPGA Hana Financial Group Championship Simulcasts

IceCat tries to keep me up on the Asian events, often sending me the winners of various events so I can post them in the Limerick Summary each Monday.

Round 2 simulcast image

On Thursday he sent me the following message with a link to the full stream of the 3-hour simulcast of Round 1 of this week's KLPGA event. Here's the note with the link:

SBS Golf in Korea is bringing back its English simulcast of KLPGA golf for this week's Hana Financial Group Championship at Sky72 in Incheon. The first round coverage is archived in this link:

He also said, "Look on SBS Golf's YouTube channel at around 12 midnight EST Friday through Sunday for the live link."

So, for those of you interested in catching Round 2 of the Hana Financial Group Championship tonight, here's a link to the SBS Golf YouTube channel. The Round 2 live link is already up -- you can set the reminder to notify you when it starts.

And thanks again, IC. I really appreciate your help keeping up with these events.


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  2. Coverage of rounds 3 and 4 will begin at 11pm EST Friday and Saturday.
    Round 2 archive:

  3. Round 3: