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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Understanding the World Handicap System (Video)

Golf Monthly just did this video explaining how the new World Handicap System works. If you use a handicap, spend some time with this one!

I'm oversimplifying things a bit, but basically the new system replaces your handicap -- a single number that represents how many strokes you get -- with a handicap index, which is a number used to calculate your handicap for a particular course based on several course details that can vary from day-to-day. Those details include things like the tees you play from, the weather conditions, and even if you have an unusually good or bad round.

This video does a good job of explaining a fairly complex subject. By all means, at least get familiar with the terms used in the new system.

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  1. The Hana-gizer bunny keeps going and going and going...
    Congratulations to Hana Jang, winner of this week's SK Networks Seokyung Ladies Classic on the KLPGA, her 13th win on tour alongside 5 LPGA titles for 17 overall. No, my math skills haven't deteriorated with age: her most recent win before this week was last year's cosanctioned BMW Ladies Championship.
    Congratulations as well to Yuna Nishimura, winner of the Hisako Higuchi Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Golf Tournament on the JLPGA.