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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Webb Simpson Talks Driving at the RSM Classic (Videos)

This short clip from was posted yesterday, with Webb talking about how his driving has improved and how that should help him this week at the RSM Classic.

I realize that many of you will wonder what's so great about this video, but the point here is that improving your play from the tee isn't all that difficult to understand. Compare that video with the next one, where Webb gave his advice to firsttimers at the RBC Heritage earlier this year.

Make landing your ball in the fairway instead of the rough more important than hitting it far. (It's okay to work on hitting it a little farther, of course. Just not at the expense of hitting it in the fairway.) Try to land your ball in the fat part of the fairway, and lay back a little if you need to in order to get there. Figure out where the ball needs to be in order to set up your next shot... and do what's necessary to hit it there.

In other words, Webb says you can drive it better if you just use a little common sense and accept your limitations. You can work to improve your game on the range but, when you get out there on the course, use the skills you know you can pull off.

A lot of improving your score is just learning when to back off and admit you can't do as much as you'd like right now.

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