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Thursday, December 24, 2020

How You Grip the Club Depends on Your Swing

Today I'm linking you to a Golf Digest article on how your swing determines how you grip your club. Some grips simply won't work for some swings.

How Ben Hogan's grip originally looked when he hooked the ball

The photo above shows Ben Hogan's grip in 1947. It's from a Life Magazine article. This would be how he gripped the club back when he wrote Power Golf.

Of course, a few years later he famously weakened it to eliminate a hook. That weakened grip is what you see illustrated in Five Fundamentals.

The point? Different swings require different grips.

The Golf Digest article talks about several different players and how their grips complement their swings. I think the most important thing in the article is that your hands don't have to match -- that is, you don't have to set both hands strong or weak or neutral. You can set one strong and one weak, the way Rory and Henrik Stenson do.

It also gives you a drill that will help you learn what kind of grip works best with your own swing.

Not a long article, but definitely one that you can learn from.

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