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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

When You're Still Trying to Break 100 (Video)

Perhaps you're just starting the game. Perhaps you're just frustrated by a bad stretch of playing. But whatever the reason, you're having trouble breaking 100. Then you need a change of strategy. Take a look at this video on how to break 100 without a whole lot of technique.

Obviously this is a strategic approach. If I was pulling just a few ideas from it to help me get through a really bad patch -- or even to break 100 for the first time -- here's what I'd take from this strategy.

  • I'd do a little math, which this video doesn't go into, it just says to make as many bogeys as you can. But you might be shocked at how the scores add up. To break 100 on a par-72 course, you only need 9 bogeys and 9 double-bogeys. Yeah, believe it or not, you can make that many double bogeys and still shoot 99. Bet you never realized that, did you?
  • Unless I was particularly good with a longer club, I'd try playing a round with a short iron -- I'd try a 7- or 8-iron, which would give me a decent distance off the tee. Again, do the math -- if you hit your 7-iron just 150 yards, you can reach any green up to 450 yards away in three shots. You don't have to have a great GIR stat to break 100. If you can get anywhere close to the green in two or three shots, you've got a decent chance to break 100.
  • I'd chip and pitch with my 9-iron or pitching wedge as much as possible, and learn to roll the ball somewhere close to the hole with them.
  • And I'd focus on two-putting. Get the first putt close enough to have a tap-in.

In other words, take the pressure off and have fun. Focus on what you do best. Consistency is your friend when you're at this stage; use your best shots as much as possible and don't worry if other people play differently. Enjoy yourself because if you enjoy playing, you'll play enough to get better.

Yeah, that's a radical concept, I know. But getting better starts with small steps. Don't feel bad about taking them.

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