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Saturday, January 9, 2021

A Chipping Tip from Justin Thomas

If you've been watching the chipping exhibition Justin Thomas has been giving at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, you might be interested in how he does it. I found an older Golf Digest article with some of his tips on pitching, chipping and putting.

Justin Thomas chipping

Here's a chipping tip from the article. I think it's cool that he got it from Patrick Reed, who has a reputation as a great chipper as well.

Setup is super important when hitting pitch or chip shots. A perfect example is what happened to me at the first event of 2017, the SBS Tournament of Champions. I was practicing these shots, and Patrick Reed saw me struggling. He came over, adjusted my feet and body, and then I started hitting them way better. What he noticed was my body was too open (aligned left of my target), and my lower body looked wobbly when I hit the shot. So he told me to keep my feet a little open, square up the rest of my body a little more, and make sure my legs felt stable when I swung.

It's a short article but you might find something that will help you get your chips and pitches closer. The shorter the putts you leave, the better!

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