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Friday, January 29, 2021

Maybe THIS Is Rickie's Problem (Video)

Rick Shiels is testing the Cobra rev33 irons. These are clubs that Rickie Fowler designed for himself, the clubs that he wants in his bag when he's coming down the stretch.

And if Rick is right, then perhaps these clubs are the reason he's been struggling.

I've hit forged blades before. When you hit them well, they feel absolutely awesome in your hands. And when you hit them badly... well, you might as well be hitting rocks. But I can truthfully say that I've never hit a normal set of forged irons that scared me.

If these clubs are as demanding for Rickie to hit as they are for Rick, I have to wonder if Rickie hasn't sabotaged himself. A set like this might be good for practicing, to force you to hit the ball as well as you possibly can during practice.

During practice.

But I see no reason to use clubs during competitive rounds that require you to be perfect on every shot. If you're playing against guys who use clubs that give them just a slight margin for error, you're just giving them shots.

Don't misunderstand me. When you buy new clubs, I'm not advising you to buy the most forgiving clubs you can find. Depending on how good you are, they might feel as bad as these rev33s feel to Rick. But make sure you don't buy clubs that actually hurt your game either, especially if you do so just because they're "clubs for the better player." Get clubs that make the game fun for you. You'll be glad you did.

And your foursome will probably hate you for it. A win all the way around. ;-)

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