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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mike Whan Decides It's Time

It was a weird day here in the US. It began with a beloved commisioner who decided it's time to step down and ended with a controversial president who is refusing... and the dumpster fire that followed.

Mike Whan took over as LPGA commissioner back in 2010 for a four-year stint. Now, after nearly three times that long, he leaves the LPGA in a dominant position that many doubted they would ever see.

Rather than write some wordy paean that probably falls short of paying him the respect he's due, I've just decided to post his interview with Golf Today, given early Wednesday when the bombshell announcement was still reverberating through the golf landscape. I know many of you probably didn't get to hear it, and it's a good listen.

The word that people around him kept using to describe him was "transparency." Mike Whan always tried to be honest with his players, even when it wasn't pleasant, and he was their friend as well as their boss. He's going to be missed.

And in case you didn't hear, there's a rumor that he's on the USGA's list of possible new leaders. That's a rumor that could be very interesting!

So, to pick up on the thought that began this post...

The USA will survive Wednesday's debacle in Washington. Our Constitution was created to guide us through times like this, and it has even helped us survive a bloody civil war about 150 years ago. Our democracy will survive this as well if we stick to the principles that have guided us this far.

And while I'm sure the LPGA feels some uncertainty about Mike stepping down, he's leaving a strong organization in place as well as a model of how LPGA business should be conducted and how their relationships should be built. If they hold on to those gifts, the LPGA is going to be fine as well.

Thank you, Mike Whan, and good luck going forward.