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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Rick Shiels Finds a Special Driver (Video)

Rick Shiels has started his tests of all the new 2021 drivers. This video is about the three new Ping G425 drivers -- the MAX, designed for forgiveness; the LST, designed for better players wanting low spin; and the SFT, designed for players with slice problems. And I think he was actually surprised by the results.

Rick says the SFT, which is set up to draw the ball (and he had trouble hitting anything but hooks with it) might be an option if you struggle with a slice. Although I prefer finding out why you slice and fixing the swing, I'm not against fixing the problem with equipment (assuming you can) if it makes the game more enjoyable for you... and if you can afford it.

But he also says he is ready to say the MAX is the straightest, most accurate driver he's ever tested. And he tests it against an original Ping G driver from several years back to see if it actually is... and he believes he has the stats to validate his conclusion.

So you might find this review particularly informative if you're in the market for a new driver.

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