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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Annika's Return to the LPGA (for One Event, Anyway)

In case you missed hearing, it's true: Annika is going to tee it up at a regular LPGA event in a couple of weeks, the Gainbridge LPGA Championship.

Annika at the Diamon Resorts Tournament

As reported on Tuesday, Annika's announcement sounded like this:

“I am excited to announce that I will play in the Gainbridge LPGA in two weeks at our home course of Lake Nona Golf & C.C. It will be my first LPGA tournament since I stepped away from competition to start a family in 2008.

“A lot has changed for the better during that time, most notably the birth of our two children. Ava and Will are excited to see ‘Mama’ play. I have to admit if this tournament hadn’t moved to our home course, it never would have crossed my mind to enter. But it makes sense to do so, not just because it will be a ‘home game,’ but also because my goal, schedule permitting, is to play in the U.S. Senior Women’s Open later this summer. To work toward that goal, I have realized that I need more tournament reps to have a chance to reach my potential. I’m not expecting much, but I look forward to the challenge!”

You can read the whole story at the link I gave you above. But the important thing is that we'll have a chance to see Annika tee it up with the kids this month and we'll get a chance to see her tackle the legends at the US Senior Women's Open later this year. It's just another reason to be excited in 2021!

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