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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Answering a Reader's Question About Forearm Rotation

Last weekend I got a question in the comments for an early blog post called Fanning the Club Open on the Way Back, a post all the way back in 2009. I wrote an answer that I hope helps them (they just signed in as "Unknown," which is fine) but I thought I'd try to give some more ideas that might help.

The reader's problem is that they twist their forearms when they do their forward press to start the backswing, which can cause problems squaring the clubface at impact. The post they left the question on has a drill that I used to stop the problem, and I added another suggestion in my reply. But here is another drill that might help.

I was reminded of this drill when Martin Hall did a quick promo spot Monday for the return of School of Golf. I couldn't find the clip at or on their YouTube channel... although I did find a clip from two years ago where Martin says he absolutely detests this drill! (Don't give him too much grief over it. Sometimes an instructor's use of a drill depends on what it's being used for, and clearly he doesn't like it for the problem he was dealing with in that video.)

Fortunately I found Cathy Kim's demo of the drill at (that's the video up above) and it includes a complete printed description of the drill, which you can read by clicking this link.

You've probably seen this drill before. You stick the butt end of a club in your belly button and then swing the club back around waist high without taking the club out of your belly button or bending your elbows. You've seen that before, right?

I am going to suggest a couple of differences to this drill that so that it allows a forward press, which Cathy's version of the drill (as well as the version Martin showed in his clip Monday) would completely eliminate.

First, we need to duplicate the forward press and learn to do it without twisting the clubface open. To do that, take your grip as Cathy demonstrates in her video but don't put the butt end of the club in your belly button. Instead, just keep it close to your belly button and, when you do your forward press, push the butt end just into the leading side (or target side, if you prefer that term) of your belly button. The idea is that you do your forward press and THEN anchor the butt end of the club.

From there you do as Cathy says -- take the club back without any further wrist or forearm action. But I would recommend is that you only swing back until your hands are just in front of your trailing pocket, which is what I told my reader in my response to his question. You don't need to overdo this drill. All you need to learn is how it feels to do a forward press and then start the club back without twisting your forearms.

This should help you learn how to hold that forward press angle just long enough into your backswing to stop the twisting. If you're having that problem, give this a try and let me know in the comments if it helps you.

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