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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Paige Spiranac on Finding Fairways (Video)

In this video Paige teaches not just how to hit a stinger but how to vary your setup and approach so you can play a stinger-like shot with any club and from almost any lie -- even off the ground! She also covers the strategy you need in order to use this shot effectively.

She did this video back during the PGA Championship and Draft Kings sponsored it, so there's a commercial of sorts (that is no longer valid) at the beginning. Skip to the 1:45 mark and you'll be at the start of the instruction.

As I said, Paige basically teaches you how to develop a 'fairway finder' game with a stinger-style swing that works from pretty much any lie. You'll find that what she teaches in this video teams up very well with the material from the Mike Malaska video I posted yesterday, so you might want to review that video as well.

If you play a lot of competitive matches with friends, I think you'll find this information very useful.

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