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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Peter Finch on 7-Woods (Video)

While Peter does talk about a particular Ping 7-wood model he uses in this video, I included this video because he gives a lot of good information about 7-woods in general. No matter what kind of clubs I have played in the past, the 7-wood has ALWAYS been my favorite club in the bag. I don't have one of the newer models like Peter is hitting, but I have always found the 7-wood gives me about the same distance as 3-iron but is much easier to hit -- and with more consistent results.

One bit of trivia for you: The 42" length of current 7-woods is the same length as most drivers were a century ago. For example, in his book The Complete Golfer Harry Vardon says his driver has a 42.5" shaft.

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