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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Rick Shiels Tries Speed Training (Video)

Rick Shiels spent six weeks trying to increase his swing speed enough to increase his carry with the driver 20 more yards. He didn't make it -- although he did increase his swing speed and average carry distance some -- but I think you'll find his analysis of the project helpful if you want to try and increase your own swing speed.

While Rick's analysis seems spot-on to me, I'd like to add one other thing that he didn't mention.

Look, we all know this is about Bryson's massive improvement so we should consider what Bryson did that Rick didn't... and it's related to Rick's conclusion that he should have also hit more golf balls.

What gets overlooked about Bryson is that he began his 'experiment' with a swing that made him very accurate off the tee. As he tried to increase his speed he hit a lot of golf balls, which we all know is pretty normal for him. And you can bet he used a swing monitor to get as much info about those hits as he could.

Swing monitors tell you more than just swing speed. They tell you how the ball behaves when it comes off the clubface. Rick noted that his normal driver created more backspin at higher speeds, which certainly affected how much distance he got. We know Bryson also made changes to his driver as his speed increased.

But Bryson didn't just swing faster. One thing that the TV analysts all noticed was how Bryson's swing had changed as he got faster... but they also noticed that he was more accurate than most players at that higher speed. The reason why should be obvious if you think about it.

It's because Bryson altered his swing technique to maintain his accuracy as his swing speed increased.

So bear in mind that if you want to increase your swing speed, you can't just swing faster. You have to change your equipment so it can handle that speed, and you have to make small alterations to your technique so you apply that increased speed to the ball as effectively as possible. It's the combination of the three that gives you the best results.

Thanks to Rick for giving such a good analysis of his six-week project. I hope it helps those of you who are interested in trying it yourself.

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