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Friday, March 26, 2021

Rick Shiels's Grip Guide (Video)

When I say 'grip' I'm talking about how you hold the club, not the soft tube on the shaft that you're gripping. Rick Shiels has created a very cool guide that teaches you the basics of a neutral grip -- one that is neither too strong (draws and hooks) or too weak (fades and slices). Here it is:

You will, of course, see players who grip the club differently than Rick is teaching here. That's because a neutral grip is THE STARTING POINT FOR CREATING YOUR GRIP. You may end up making your grip a bit stronger or a bit weaker, depending on your swing tendencies. But if you want to grip your clubs consistently, any adjustments you make need to begin from a neutral grip.

So spend whatever time is necessary for you to understand how to create a neutral grip. This is a great video for gaining the necessary info as quickly and simply as possible. Thanks, Rick!

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