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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Maria Fassi on How to Aim Your Full Swing (Video)

During Masters Week I think Maria Fassi, the runner-up in the 2019 Augusta National Women's Amateur, is a fitting person to give a lesson on how to aim. The LPGA just uploaded this video and I pass it on to you.

What Maria is describing here is basically the method Jack Nicklaus used when he aimed his tee shots. He used a target 'spot' no more than 18 inches in front of his ball because, as Maria says, it's much easier to aim at a close target than a distant one.

But you might be a bit confused when Maria says she aims her feet a bit to the left. She's not opening her stance; rather, she's using the classic image of train tracks to explain aiming.

If you imagine the aimline of your ball as the rightmost rail in the above image (her aim spot would be located 18 inches ahead of the ball on that rail), then your feet are aligned to the leftmost rail, parallel to your aimline. And although Maria doesn't mention it, it's worth noting that you align your heels to the leftmost rail, not your toes. Your heels determine whether your stance is set up square, open or closed.

This is, as I said, a simple and classic method of describing how to aim your full shots... and it's still a good one to use.