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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Rick Shiels's Five Scoring Tips (Video)

If you've been watching the Masters, you've seen all of these tips in play already. Rick posted this video just a couple of days back so why don't we compare them to the pros?

I do want to clarify the first tip, although I'm sure you lefties are used to doing that already!

Rick is righthanded so he uses the terms draw and fade to describe a rightie's shots. I'm going to restate this tip in my 'universal' way:

  • If your normal shot curves from left to right, tee up on the right side of the teebox.
  • And if your normal shot curves from right to left, tee up on the left side of the teebox.

In other words, tee up on the side of the teebox your shot curves toward. That way, you can aim at the opposite side of the fairway and get more room for the ball to land safely as it curves back toward the middle of the fairway.

Again, five useful tips to help lower your score. And that's what this blog is all about!

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