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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Rick Shiels's Slice Cure (Video)

This video show Rick's three-step process for eliminating a slice. In many ways it's a very traditional procedure that any instructor would agree with, but in my opinion it can ultimately lead to a hooking problem.

So, you may ask, why am I posting this video?

Because (1) learning this process is instrumental in understanding why you slice and helping you to straighten it out, (2) because some of you will need to try this method because your slice is so bad that you need to take dramatic measures to straighten it out, and (3) because much of your success in curing a slice stems from your belief that you can actually hit a shot that doesn't slice, and this extreme approach can give you the confidence you need to create a better overall swing.

Understanding the three steps Rick covers in this video is the beginning point for creating whatever swing shape you want, regardless of whether you prefer a draw, a fade or a straight shot. And Rick's explanation is extremely simple to understand. So if you struggle with a slice -- or a hook, for that matter -- this video can teach you the basic keys to getting control of it.

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