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Saturday, May 15, 2021

14 Clubs VS 4 Clubs (Video)

This is for fun... but you might learn something anyway. Rick Shiels is using 14 clubs against former Tour pro James Robinson, who is playing only a driver, a 7-iron, a 52° wedge and a putter. And the match isn't as close as you might expect.

I think there are two things you can take away from this little exhibition.

  • First, James is using much better course strategy than Rick. While Rick clearly isn't on his game, he's making some poor shot choices in his efforts to make up ground.
  • And while I can't be absolutely positive, it does appear that James is playing less break on his putts than Rick is. In fact, when Rick takes straighter lines at the hole, even his misses are much closer.

Just a couple of tips you might take away from this little challenge.

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