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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Mike Malaska on How Driver and Iron Swings Differ (Video)

This is an older video from Mike that explains why a driver swing is different from an iron swing... and why they shouldn't feel any different.

Note that the drill he gives for matching the driver and iron swings merely involves slowing your driver swing enough to feel the same sequencing, and then gradually speeding up your driver swing until you can keep your iron swing sequencing at driver speed.

To a large extent, this is a mental problem rather than a technique problem. You just need to learn to swing the same way regardless of whether you're swinging a driver or an iron. That means that you might be able to make this change rather quickly, depending on how easily you can change your concept of how your swing should feel.

And as a bonus, if you can begin to swing your driver with the same sequence as your irons, you should soon be able to hit your irons farther as well because you'll be able to swing your irons faster. Now that's worth some practice!


  1. Hyun Kyung Park successfully defended her title at the KLPGA'S 1st major of the season, the CreaS F&C 43rd KLPGA Championship. Elsewhere on the peninsula, rookie Dong-eun Kim won the KPGA's Gunsan Open.
    In Japan this week former LPGA player Momoko Ueda outlasted Momoko Osato on the 2nd playoff hole to win the Panasonic Ladies Open on the JLPGA. 40 year old Hiroshi Iwata posted a convincing 3 shot win at The Crowns on the JGTO after a final round 7 under par 63.

  2. Former MLB pitcher Chan Ho Park got a sponsors exemption into the Gunsan Open. He was nowhere close to making the cut, finishing dead last on Friday with scores of 83-88 at 29 over par, but he did express his gratitude to the KPGA by donating 30 million KRW (approximately $26,839) to the Tour.