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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Finding the US Open on the Peacock App

Today I'm giving you a quick look at what the free Peacock TV app looks like if you want to download it for the extra US Open coverage.

First you go to If you scroll down that page a bit, you'll find the sign-up area:

Sign up screen

You'll want to choose the free option. But note that there are two 'Premium' choices -- the $4.99 version shows commercials, the $9.99 does not... or at least most of the time it doesn't. You can't read the small print on this photo but it says that some events have an agreement whereby you see ads even if you picked the more expensive 'no ads' choice.

In my opinion, if you want Peacock Premium the $4.99 is the best bet. I'd only take the more expensive one if I wanted to binge watch shows without commercials. But I digress...

After I chose the free option a couple of weeks back, I believe it only asked for my first name, an email address and a password. That's not too bad.

Once you sign up, the interface is similar to Disney+. You create a profile (just picking a picture to identify yourself when you sign on) which basically just remembers where you were if you stop a show in the middle, etc. (You're all used to this kind of thing, right? Let's move on.) When you click your picture you go to the main screen:

Main screen

See the menu across the top? Just click on 'Sports' and scroll down that page till you get to "2021 US Open.".

Sports screen

Now you just click on the program you want -- you can scroll sideways to see more -- and you're ready to go.

Just one more thing to show you. Obviously most of the choices are free but some require Peacock Premium. Here's how to tell the difference.

This program is free. The button just says "Add to Watchlist."

Free program

And this one requires Peacock Premium. See the button now says "Watch with Premium"?

Pay program

And that's pretty much it.

Overall I'd say the free version of Peacock TV is worth the price. (Heh heh.) Phil left me a note that Peacock has also added the KPMG Women's PGA to their programs. And with the Olympics coming up, I imagine a lot of the content will be available only on the app. So if you want to watch a lot of sports this summer, this is a good time to download the free app and get acquainted with it.

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