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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Stop Thinning Your Irons (Video)

Yesterday I posted a video on aiming your irons more effectively. Today we follow on with that line of thought, this time on how to stop hitting your irons thin. If you've followed my blog for a while or read some of my books, you may recognize most of the advice here.

Even if you haven't been following this blog for a while, some of the material in this video may sound strangely familiar. That's because I posted a video a couple of weeks back -- also by Rick Shiels -- specifically on hitting the ball before you take a divot. That video is a more general approach to getting solid contact while this video focuses specifically on the irons. If you need more info than this video gives, the other video includes drills and such to help you.

I know that some of my posts seem to focus on really basic things, but any pro will tell you that it's the simple things that mess up our games. It's amazing how often the top players in the world cite something small like ball position as the source of their problems. So don't write this video off so quickly -- a short reminder about fundamentals is often all we need to keep our games in shape.

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