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Monday, September 27, 2021

The Limerick Summary: 2021 Ryder Cup

Winner: Team USA 19-9

Around the wider world of golf: Nasa Hataoka won the LPGA's Walmart NW Arkansas Championship; Kum-Kang Park won the Symetra Tour's Murphy USA El Dorado Shootout; K.J. Choi won the PURE Insurance Championship on the Champions Tour; Callum Davison won the Mackenzie Tour's GolfBC Championship; and Keita Nakajima won the Panasonic Open Golf Championship on the Japan Golf Tour.

Team USA hoists the Ryder Cup

Although I didn't do a regular Twofer Tuesday this week (that's a PGA Tour thing) I did pick a couple of LPGA players just for fun. I had Anna Nordqvist (MC) and Jin Young Ko (T6). I was one-for-two there, so that's pretty good for me. I'll get back to doing Twofer Tuesday this week

As for the Ryder Cup, what can I say? I don't think anybody expected this kind of record-breaking performance by Team USA. It's clear that my fears about the wind affecting putting were unfounded, although the wind did affect both teams' shots to the greens late Saturday and on Sunday.

I'll have some thoughts on Team USA going forward later in the week. But while I'm very happy that Team USA got their act together for this Ryder Cup, I'm unwilling to buy into the "watershed moment" sentiment that I kept hearing about Team USA this weekend. I seem to recall similar talk after the 2008 Ryder Cup because Azinger's pod strategy got us a emphatic win, which we were unable to duplicate for another eight years. I continue to believe we won in 2008 because Azinger is a good leader.

Steve Stricker has proven his abilities as a leader repeatedly, and this Ryder Cup was just another example.

Likewise, I want to see this "watershed team" win an away game. That hasn't happened since 1993.

At any rate, no matter how good the leader is, regardless of how strong the team is, teams just don't win unless they bring their games to the event. This time Team USA did... and Team Europe didn't, which had to happen eventually. They had an extremely good run of nine wins since that US win in 1993, but all good things come to an end eventually. That's just how life is, folks.

In the meantime I'll gladly celebrate the records Team USA set and/or broke Sunday, like DJ becoming the first 5-0 American player since 1979 and that record 10-point win. I'd also like to point out that while everybody was singing the praises of the young guns and lamenting how the "old guard" just couldn't get it done anymore, that half of Team Europe's points on Sunday came from Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter. The Postman's undefeated 6-0-1 singles record may never be equaled by anybody!

So here's my salute to Team USA for saying they were going to get it done... and then actually stepping up and doing it. If you can walk the walk, I don't mind hearing you talk the talk!

The US had geared up for this—
And Europe fell in an abyss
Of USA records.
We walked off with two-thirds
Of Sunday’s points. How could we miss?

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