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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Bryson Made the Final Eight (Video)

While Bryson didn't win the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship he did win the respect of the big hitters he competed against. After all, he beat enough of the 139-man field to make the Final 8. This is the video of the final day -- over 9.5 hours! -- which was broadcast live on YouTube.

FOX Sports posted an excellent summary of the event at this link. If you didn't get to watch any of the broadcast, Bryson hit the grid way more often than most of the other competitors and, while his 219mph ball speed wasn't quite up to what the big guys were putting out, he still hit a number of drives over 400yds.

In fact, during the round of 16 when each player had to hit five sets of six shots to earn points, he earned 500 points (an average position of second place in each round). The irony here is that in three of those sets, he literally missed first or second place by a total of around five yards, which would have given him an extra 200 points. He actually finished the round of 16 with two thirds, two seconds and a win in the final set.

Not only was Bryson a fan favorite -- you can hear them chanting his name during the live video -- but the long drivers themselves like him. If you didn't know, one of Bryson's training partners is Kyle Berkshire -- the World #1 and the eventual winner of this event. Bryson actually outdrove him during one of the sets. And Martin Borgmeier -- another of the finalists -- told

“What he’s doing is absolutely incredible. He’s elevating the whole game, and he knows what it takes to be successful in long drive. What he’s doing for the sport, he showcases that you can use these principles on the golf course, too. There’s a lot to come for us.”

So while Bryson didn't win, he's gained a whole new fan base and the gratitude of a whole 'nother wing of our sport. Not bad for somebody who wasn't given a realistic chance at the beginning of the week.

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