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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Creating Ball Speed without Creating Tension (Video)

This is an older video from Mike Malaska and Be Better Golf on how to create more ball speed. The video itself is entitled "How to Build Golf Swing Speed" but, while it does teach that, it actually focuses on how to get more ball speed from the swing speed you already have. Let me give you a few things to look for in this video, things that will help you apply the info in it to your game more quickly.

First of all, you know you're getting the most ball speed from your existing swing speed when the ball speed is about 1.5 times your clubhead speed. That 1.5 multiplier is your smash factor, and when it's less than 1.5 then you aren't hitting the ball as efficiently as you can. You get your best smash factor -- and therefore your highest ball speed -- by hitting the ball in the center of the clubface at impact.

Although you'll hear them use the phrase "effortless power" to describe the best way to increase your clubhead speed, I'd rather hear you use the phrase "relaxed speed." This is the best description of how you create clubhead speed and they actually explain it that way in the video. You'll find both physical drills and mind games you can use to help you remain relaxed while you swing fast.

You'll also get some instruction on how hand action, arm swing and leg action all work together to create that speed with less effort. Please note that spinning your hips doesn't create clubhead speed!

Finally, bear in mind that this video doesn't show their entire practice session. (In one spot, you'll actually see a message on the screen that the video was edited for time.) So bear in mind that you will need more than 23 minutes of range time to get these kind of results.

This is another of those videos that will reward you for watching it several times and putting the ideas in it to work on the range. Have fun!

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