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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Five Gear Checks (Video)

If you start struggling with your game and can't blame it on recent changes in your technique or strategy, the problem could be changes in your equipment that are easily fixed. This video tells you what to look for if you suspect your gear is at fault, and also how to get your gear back up to snuff. Best of all, most of these tips won't cost you a fortune.

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  1. The KLPGA went all Modified Stableford this week to determine the winner of the Dongbu Construction Koreit Championship. Jung Min Lee secured her 9th career title at this birdie-fest with a score of +51, 4 points clear of the field.
    Rain canceled the final round of the Fujitsu Ladies Golf Tournament on the JLPGA, but as Ayaka Furue and Minami Katsu were tied at the 2/3 mark of what was scheduled to be a 54 hole event a playoff was needed. When the weather cleared sufficiently they prepared 3 holes for play and to justify the TV time they decided that it would be a 3 hole aggregate playoff, in which Furue came out on top.
    No such worries with the Japan Open as they got all 4 rounds in, with Shaun Norris winning his 6th JGTO title and 2nd major.