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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Mike Malaska Describes the Neutral Grip (Video)

In this short video Malaska first describes why the typical explanation of a 'neutral grip' isn't quite accurate, then gives you a better way to create it. After the video I'll add three thoughts to keep in mind as you try to find the grip that lets you square the clubface most easily.

First thought: While Malaska takes his grip by starting with his lead hand, that may not work best for you. When you think about squaring the clubface, do you feel that you're squaring it with your lead hand or your trail hand? Whichever hand is your 'squaring' hand, that's the one you should put on the club first, then place the other hand to allow the clubface to square up at the right time.

Second thought: Note that the palms of your hands don't necessarily face each other the way they would if you clapped your hands. When you talk about a neutral grip, you mean that you're holding the club in such a way that you don't unconsciously rotate the clubface open or closed.

Third thought: Please listen when Malaska says that a bowed lead wrist is a WEAK position, not a strong one! I know that many instructors say that a bowed lead wrist is the best way to hold an attack angle, but that assumes your wrists are strong enough. If you're a normal person, it's a good way to strain your lead wrist. A neutral grip is based on your wrist position when the club shaft and your forearm create a STRAIGHT line, not a bent one.

Bear in mind that the idea behind a neutral grip is that you want a club position at impact that happens automatically as a result of the swinging motion of the club. If you're manipulating the club to create any other position, you aren't using a neutral grip.

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