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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Twofer Tuesday: Butterfield Bermuda Championship

Twofer Tuesday leaves the island of Hideki and sets sail for Captain Brian Gay's harbor at Port Royal for the Butterfield Bermuda Championship.

Defending champion Brian Gay

I'm only being a little facetious here, as Brian Gay has plundered the Bermuda event for a couple of years now. Port Royal was once notorious as a pirate paradise and, despite what Disney would have you believe, Captain Jack Sparrow isn't its most prominent visitor -- not since Gay arrived, anyway. The rechristened event has only been played twice now, with Gay posting T3 and a win in his appearances.

But at a par of 71 and a mere 6828 yards, Port Royal GC in Southampton, Bermuda is ripe for a freebooter like Captain Gay. The course favors an accurate driver and a skilled shotmaker.

Alas, Captain Gay's cutlass hasn't been as sharp lately as I would like. And while we all know that golf is no respecter of persons -- nor of what you shot last week or even the last few months, as my recent picks have proven -- I'm looking for some other up-and-coming scourges of the seven seas at Port Royal.

  • My first pick is Matt Fitzpatrick. He won at Valderrama only a couple of weeks ago, another short course that rewards accurate drives and skilled shotmaking. He's had a week to down a few kegs of rum in celebration, so I'm thinking he's ready to raise the old skull and crossbones again.
  • And my other pick is Garrick Higgo. Admittedly he's still a bit inexperienced as a freebooter, and he's been out of form since winning his way onto the Tour back in June, but he's certainly proven himself capable in the last couple of years. I think he's long overdue to take another big prize, so why not reassert himself at the traditional haunt of pirates?

GC's live coverage begins Thursday at 1:30pm ET. Arr, matey, it's time to make that bloody parrot shut up so we can relax and watch some island golf!

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