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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Jonathan Kim-Moss's Impact & Sequencing Drill (Video)

Longtime readers know I am a HUGE proponent of the L-to-L drill because it's so versatile. (I believe this is the most recent of many posts I've done on it.) Well, PGA of Canada instructor Jonathan Kim-Moss has given me a new version of the drill that can dramatically improve your ability to hit the ball solidly -- increasing both distance and accuracy -- as well as smooth out your swing sequencing. And all he did was shorten the followthrough! I really like this adaptation and think it's a valuable tool to add to your arsenal of drills.


  1. Very good drill Mike. I watched several more of Jonathon's vid's. He is a very good teacher, and explains things well. I will be watching more. Good find!

    1. Thanks, Gman. I try to keep an eye out for anything and anybody I think might help all you good people out there working on your golf games. ;-)

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