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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It's Nice to Have Him Back

No news here. Tiger showed up to host the Hero World Challenge, this time in a non-playing role. Totally expected.

Tiger at the Hero

I'm not going to belabor the presser. You've been hearing about it all day Tuesday and will likely continue to hear about it from now on.

The two big things he said?

  1. He probably won't be a regular Tour player going forward but sees no reason he couldn't get it together for a few events a year once he gets back in playing shape. That includes finding some distance again, as he joked about possibly being competitive if the Masters par-3 event was the standard length of a Tour venue.
  2. He also threw his support behind the PGA Tour as opposed to the rumors of a Greg Norman-headed world tour. No big surprise there either but, with both Rory and Tiger taking this stand, any new tour will likely now find itself in an uphill battle to draw off any major players.

Many of the commentators were complaining that Tiger was giving no real information and none of the media at the presser were willing to push for more. Again, nothing new there.

As for my take on all this, the post title says it all. It's nice to have Tiger back in the spotlight, even if all he can do is let us see that he's getting better and is in good spirits. I'll take that as a major win.

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