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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Learning from Sam Snead's Swing (Video)

After watching Sam Snead's swing in yesterday's post, I thought you might like a closer look at the "Slammin' Sam" swing. (Yes, they actually called him that.) There are two things I think you can really learn from when you watch Sam:

  • the freedom of this swing back and through, and
  • what is sometimes called the "Snead Squat," which is simply how Sam stays down and level until he actually hits the ball, which allows him to hit it solidly every time. (Yes, he does push up as he he hits the ball, as you can see it in this video. He just doesn't straighten up before he gets to the ball.)

There seems to be a trend among some of the younger pros to create this kind of swing -- Justin Thomas comes to mind. And this video does a good job of showing how it all works together.

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