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Monday, December 20, 2021

The Limerick Summary: 2021 PNC Championship

Winner: John Daly and John Daly II

Around the wider world of golf: None of the major tours had regular field events going on this week.

The winning team of John Daly and his son

Again, I made no no Twofer Tuesday picks this week. But that doesn't mean there was no excitement at the PNC Championship.

First, Charlie Woods gets at least some bragging rights over Justin Thomas. He and his dad beat JT and his dad by by one shot for the week, giving the Woods team solo second while the Thomases had to settle for T3 this year.

Second, Charlie and Tiger made a record 11 birdies in a row to shoot 57 in the last round. Given that Tiger didn't even know if he'd even be able to play this week -- at what he termed a "hit and giggle" event -- until the last minute, it was pretty impressive all around.

But it wasn't nearly as impressive as the Dalys also posting a 57 to win by two shots, setting a new event scoring record in the process. After all, their record sealed the win.

Just because John Daly is sporting a beard that makes him look older than he is -- and which, btw, allowed him to play a very cool-looking Santa at the get-togethers this week -- doesn't mean he can't still play golf. And his son JDII (which he says is how he wants to be known now) is clearly getting even better at the game than he has been in the past. (I'm sure his college coach -- JDII's a freshman at Arkansas -- is smiling from ear to ear.) They made their win look easy.

Do I really need to say more than this? This father-son team has been knocking at the door for a while. Sunday they finally kicked it open... and then slammed it shut, right in their challengers' faces. That's a nice Christmas present to give yourselves.

And a nice way to pick up a Limerick Summary as well!

It’s Santa & Son for the win!
The Dalys went deep at the end.
With John Jr’s guts
And JD’s clutch putts,
It’s more like a “crush it and grin.”

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