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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Clay Ballard's Driving Basics (Video)

About a week ago Gman left a comment asking me about some of Clay Ballard's videos. Well, after two videos about new drivers, here's a Ballard video on improving your drives with your existing driver.

Let me make a couple of quick comments about things in this video that may be a bit misleading:

  • Don't get discouraged by the length of his drives. Clay is clearly a tall guy and that height gives him an advantage over most of us mere mortals.
  • And don't work too hard to create that huge lag he's talking about. The angle looks much more exaggerated because of the camera's viewpoint relative to his swing plane.

One thing I like that he's teaching you to create swing extremes during your practice. That means he wants you to swing in ways that will teach you how the extremes of your swing -- for example, you create extreme slices and then extreme hooks. The idea is that you'll learn the most dramatic things you can do, and then you use that knowledge to help you find a balance between them. If you've had trouble straightening out your swing, this technique may help you find the answer.

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