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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Jin Young Ko's Golf Swing (Video)

World #2 Jin Young Ko is less than .1 point behind Nelly Korda. While she's not playing this week, her swing is still worth taking a look at as the new season begins. Although Jin Young is only 5'7" tall, during 2021 she still managed to average over 258 yards off the tee, she was #2 in scoring average (just under 69) and #1 in rounds under par. Many of you men out there can't equal any of those stats, so you might want to take a look at her swing!

The slo-mo shots (from four angles) start around the :50 mark in this short video. The main things I would call your attention to today are that her swing is slightly upright (that does help her accuracy in hitting fairways and greens, both right at 80%) and that she barely makes a 90° shoulder turn (which may hurt her distance just a bit -- although it doesn't hurt players like Jon Rahm -- but definitely helps her accuracy and probably her balance during her swing as well). There's a lot you can learn from Jin Young which doesn't require major changes to your swing.

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