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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

8 Suggestions for Your 14th Club (Video)

Most of us either (a) carry only 13 clubs or (b) have one club that we rarely if ever use. In this video Dan Parker from Golf Monthly has 7 suggestions for that 14th club. This club will be purely a strategic choice, one intended to help with your special challenges on the course, so you won't necessarily use it a whole lot. Still, if you choose this club intelligently, you could easily shave some shots from your game.

But didn't I say this post had EIGHT suggestions? That's because I have a suggestion of my own, one you aren't likely to hear but that in my experience has proven to be useful. That choice is a 13-wood. While you won't necessarily need it all the time -- and the idea here is that your 14th club can be changed depending on the course -- I have found a 13-wood to be very useful when I'm in the rough around 150 or so yards from the green. The fairway wood head tends to slip through the grass more easily so I can get a bit more distance. On the right course it can easily cut 3 or 4 shots from your score.

Making your 14th club a strategy choice can be a revolutionary decision in your game. It's something worth considering.

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