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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

A New Link for You to Check Out

Among the other things that are occupying my time right now I'm slowly trying to update my site -- at least, I'd like to get rid of some of the dead links and streamline things a bit.

As part of this I'll be adding some new links and the first one is a link to a new (to me) equipment site called Daily Golf Steals. David Paxton, who operates the site, and I have been talking for a handful of months now and we're looking to do some things together. But for now I just wanted to introduce you to his site.

Daily Golf Steals header

Daily Golf Steals offers a large number of coupons for new and used golf equipment, apparel and accessories as well as links to the sites where the deals are available and instructions on how to collect on the coupons. The site seems well organized and I like how easy it is to navigate.

Plus there are nearly 2000 deals on the site. I think that gives you a pretty good selection!

As I said, David and I are exploring some possible things we can do together going forward. But that doesn't mean you have to wait before you head over and check out the site! The link to the site is currently in the sidebar under the heading NEW GOLF LINKS, down where the sidebar splits in two. And of course you can get there using any of the Daily Golf Steals links in this post.

So be sure to welcome David to my site by giving his a visit. I think you'll enjoy browsing through it.

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