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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Mike Malaska on the Most Popular Putting Grip (Video)

In this super-short video Mike Malaska shows you the most common grip used by players, both pros and amateurs. While this doesn't mean YOU have to hold it this way, the grip wouldn't have become as popular as it is if it didn't check a lot of boxes for a lot of players, so you should at least know and understand this grip. Mike's video gives you that information in just a couple of minutes.

And yes, of course I do things a bit differently. After the video I'll explain what I do -- just because you don't have to do things the way everybody else does.

Mike says he knows of no player using an interlocking putter grip. Hello, I do. But my interlock is a bit different from what he means by interlocking your grip.

When he talks about an interlocking grip, he's assuming that you're holding the grip in the fingers of both hands... but I don't. While my trailing hand does hold the putter in its fingers, the grip is in the palm of my lead hand the way he does it. That may sound a bit strange but it's actually very comfortable to me.

It may be that this grip works for me because I don't use a standard putter grip (now I'm talking about the rubber handle). I use the kind of round handle you use on your other clubs EXCEPT I use a jumbo size. A standard club handle tapers more than a putter-specific handle, so it makes the interlock feel very natural to me.

Again, I'm not saying you should use either grip just because Mike or me says so. But I think it's important to know (a) the most common putter grip and (b) that other ways of gripping can work just as well.

Thus ends the lesson for today. Class dismissed.

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