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Saturday, April 16, 2022

What Can a Pro Do With a Cheap Half Set of Clubs? (Video)

Here's Rick's challenge. He's playing his great set of clubs while pro James Robinson is using the Aldi clubs from yesterday's video.

There is actually something you can learn from this video. First, let me show you what the YouTube description says about it:

PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels takes on EX tour pro James Robinson in a 9 hole match WITH A TWIST!

Rick Shiels will be using
- PING G425 max driver
- Cobra F7 fairway wood
- Titleist U500 3 iron
- Titleist T100 irons
- 4 x Vokey SM8 wedges
- Evnroll ER 2 putter
- Titleist PROV1 golf balls
- Ping craz-e-lite golf bag
TOTAL: £3,300

James Robinson is using
- A 8 piece package set Bought from Aldi
- NIKE Lake balls

What can you learn? If you pay attention to how James is adjusting his game to this equipment, you might learn a lot about how to improve your own scoring.

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