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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Pitching High Without Hitting Fat (Video)

This short video tells you how to hit your pitch shots higher without hitting the ball fat. Here's a tip you might miss if you aren't paying close attention: If you dip your trailing shoulder during the downswing, you're almost certain to hit it fat. Now go out there and get better at your pitching!

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  1. It was match play week in Korea as both the KLPGA and the KPGA had their annual dalliance with the format. On the women's side Jung Min Hong beat Yewon Lee 1 up in the final of the Doosan Match Play Championship, which employed the pod system that most of the other major tours have deployed for this format to ensure that all 64 ladies saw at least 3 days of action. The guys, on the other hand, retained the single elimination format for the Descente Korea Munsingwear Match Play to reduce the field to 16, then went into 4 pods of 4 to determine the seedings for the final matches. Eun Shin Park defeated Min Jun Kim in the final.
    Regular stroke play was contested on the other side of the East Sea as Mao Saigo captured her 5th win of the season at the Bridgestone Ladies Open on the JLPGA, her final event before jetting across the Pacific to play the US Women's Open. Shugo Imahara, on the other hand, had to survive a three way sudden death playoff before emerging victorious on the 2nd extra hole of the Golf Partner Pro Am Tournament on the JGTO.