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Sunday, June 19, 2022

This Is More of a Classic Swing Move (Video)

I'm posting this because it's not unusual these days for instructors to mix classic (like Bobby Jones) and modern (like Ben Hogan) swing techniques, and the grip is definitely one of the main differences between the two.

In modern swings you're usually told to hold the club mainly with the last two or three fingers of your lead hand, but in classic swings you want to focus the grip in the thumb and forefinger of your trail hand -- that's what Alistair Davies is showing you here. You want to focus on the first 1:50 of this video because how much you reroute the club on the way down depends on how your body moves as much as anything.

What you're doing with this grip technique is basically the same thing you do with a tennis stroke. It's the same kind of control move. I won't say it's for everybody but if you're struggling to square the clubface, this may be something you want to try.

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