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Friday, July 22, 2022

The Winners of the Inaugural US Adaptive Open

I wanted to make sure I did a post about the US Adaptive Open, the first USGA event of its type which was held this week at Pinehurst #6 here in North Carolina.

Here are the overall winners, Kim Moore (female) and Simon Lee (male).

And here's the list of all the winners in all the different categories:

ARM IMPAIRMENTConor Stone (IRE)Cathy Walch (USA)
INTELLECTUAL IMPAIRMENTFelix Norrman (SWE)Grace Anne Braxton (USA)
LEG IMPAIRMENTChad Pfeifer (USA)Kim Moore (USA)
MULTIPLE LIMB AMPUTEEJordan Thomas (USA)Cindy Lawrence (USA)
SEATED PLAYERSDennis Walters (USA)Annie Hayes (USA)
SHORT STATUREKurtis Barkley (CAN)Not contested
VISION IMPAIRMENTKiefer Jones (CAN)Amanda Cunha (USA)

Golf Channel's summary of the event is at this link, if you want more information.

The USGA hopes this will help golf gain a place in the Paralympics, and it will be great if it does, but I just think it's cool that these players will finally be recognized in the USGA's Hall of Champions going forward. If we're going to say, "let's make golf inclusive," then we need to just go ahead and do it! If the rest of the world catches up to us, great.

If not, then let's blaze our own path.

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